The plan was that we would be in Aus for about 13 weeks.  Time for us to have a good rest and then get back to PNG in October, for the last term of the year.  We submitted our visa renewal paperwork a few weeks before leaving PNG to give them enough time to be processed and ready to pick up on our way back through Brisbane in October.  Well...We received news last week that the paperwork had been lost in transit between Mt Hagen and Pt Moresby and it was likely we would need to resubmit them.  The consequence of this is that we are likely to be waiting longer than anticipated to collect our visas.  While this doesn't come as any great surprise to us, it is rather inconvenient.  We have committments back there and limited resources to live in Australia any longer than originally planned. 

I was sharing this with a friend who has gone through some 'uncertain times'  recently and we both had a laugh about it.  Not about our situations as such but it was rather, as she called it a 'laugh of faith'.  This was just another opportunity for God to show His never ending faithfulness and provision.  We have a real peace that God will handle this situation just as He has in the past.

We've had a bit of 'uncertainty' of late, with my health and thinking about what we are going to do after we finish our work in PNG etc.  We have been praying that God will show us HIS WILL for our lives and you know...I think God is having a bit of a laugh right now too!  I've been working on my book while we've been holidaying here in Aus and a quote jumped out at me today that is as relevant to our current situation as it was back then when I was going through cancer.

“I struggle with not knowing where I am going…I know my ultimate destination; I know that when my life is over on this earth I will be with Christ forever.  But until then…where is God leading me?...It would be so much easier if we were given a road map.  It would make so much of the journey more bearable if we could see the path that is painful for a time is leading somewhere and that it will get better.  We don’t have that.  No believer that has gone before us has had that.  There is no map; Christ is the way… Sometimes we feel so torn in two.  Our human flesh cries out for comfort and direction, for some control and yet we are called to live above that…  Surely, it is on the path with Christ that we will find rest…and when we are there, we will no longer wonder about God’s will for our lives…we are living it.” Sheila Walsh

It occurred to me as I was writing this part of my story today.. God must be having a bit of a chuckle hearing our prayers for direction right now!  Sure we don't know where we are going or what we are going to do but we are on the path with Christ.    In my mind I hear Him lovingly say 'What are you asking me that for? You haven't left the path! All you need to do is keep walking".  It is so encouraging to know that we don't need to wonder about God's will for our long as we are walking with him, we ARE living it... wherever we are, whatever we are doing... we are exactly where we are supposed to be!
18/8/2010 10:30:42 pm

So proud of you Sis. I praise God for what He is teaching you and how He is growing you through the ups and downs you have experienced. It is true that alot of it won't really make sense until we are on the other side of it all, but we press on in faith knowing that God is worthy of our trust and look forward to the day when we stand in awe of what He has done. I stand with you as we look in certain hope of that day. Love you to bits. Karina

27/8/2010 08:51:31 pm

Thanks for the reminder Trish.
I'm reading a book by Sheila Walsh at the moment:)

13/3/2011 12:23:32 pm

If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.


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