I was sharing my last blog with my Papua New Guinean friend the other day and to the best of my ability, I attempted to translate it into Tok Pisin so she could understand.  I was trying to communicate how in this culture women are undervalued etc.  I came at it from a few different angles and then she said “meri nating”, which basically means just a woman, nothing to offer, just a woman.  She got it but then when I went on to say that she is more than that, she has value and is also a Warrior Princess , she laughed and declared that I was... but not her.  Sad isn’t it?  But the truth is it’s not only these women that feel this way. 

I described 2 types of Princess in my last blog, but there is a third.  It’s the Princess who doesn’t know or believe that she is one.  There are far too many of these.  They believe the lies and accept the assaults that come at them and they remain defeated, resigned, often suppressing their God given desires for beauty and impact. 

As little girls we put on pretty dresses and adorned ourselves in Mother’s fake pearls.  We danced and pirouetted to the music of innocence and freedom and people called us ‘lovely’.  We sparkled and shone in cheap jewels, lipstick and high heels and in our hearts we were princesses, dreaming of our Prince. 

As we grew up we yearned for love and beauty, yet found ourselves unfulfilled.  Perhaps we had to suffer criticism or abuse leading us to no longer believe the fairy tale or trust the strength and beauty of our feminine hearts.  Now shame clouds our view and we flee all that we were created to be.   With hearts and longings bound we give ourselves to duty.

But we are so much more.  Lovingly created as image bearers of God, purposed for love, reflecting His glory in our own unique way; our lives are to shine in beauty and wonder in a way that will cause others to be drawn to our Amazing Creator.  As we live out of our unique design and in the freedom of His love and grace; empowered by His Spirit, it will not be possible for us to be a ‘meri nating’, we will become that Warrior Princess and our lives will impact others for His glory.

So dust off those tiaras girls, realise who you are in Christ, a true daughter of the King,  breath life back into those dreams and go shine!

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