Don’t you just love chocolate?  I will even resort to Black and Gold Cooking Chocolate if that is all we have in the house and the craving hits!!  Does that make me a chocoholic?... maybe :)   I have been thinking a lot about chocolate this past week, maybe because it’s Easter but maybe more so due to being on a fruit and vegie diet for the past 5 days and having had to control my urge for sweet things!  I know!... who goes on a fruit and vegie diet the week of Easter? Crazy hey!  It has been an interesting test of character if nothing else, showing that we really are very weak and lack self discipline at times.  Our friend Jo who lives with us though, has been a rock and we admire her for her strength of will!

Well, we (except Jo!) have broken our diet this Easter weekend to partake in the traditions of Hot cross buns and Easter eggs and we will get healthy again on Monday!  As I was enjoying the sweet, smooth flavours of the choccies today and thinking about the meaning of Easter, I realised how perfectly they go together.  They are both sweetness and love!

You may have heard eating chocolate makes us feel happy because it contains the same hormone the brain triggers when we fall in love.   No wonder we like it so much, we all want to feel happy and loved.  Well the wonderful thing about Easter is that it is a time to be reminded of just how much we are loved. 

God loved us so much, that He sent His only Son Jesus, to suffer and die in our place so that if we believe in Him, we could be forgiven and set free from the penalty that our sin rightly deserved and receive eternal life.  (John 3:16 my paraphrase)  Is that not the greatest love story of all time?  Many a good love story has been written that incorporates the cliché rescuing of the damsel in distress or the Prince falling for the pauper and having to sacrifice his crown to be with the one he loves but they all pale in comparison to the sacrifice Jesus made for us, even to death, so that we could live.  He left his home in Heaven to become a humble servant.  He lived among us and then was crucified on a cross, dying the most horrendous death, in order to rescue us back to himself.  That is true love.

So this Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate with our families and friends, my hope is that we will enjoy our sweet choccie eggs as they melt in our mouths but even more, that the sweetness of Jesus love and the significance of his perfect sacrifice will melt deep into our hearts and we’ll be overwhelmed with a deep gratitude for all he has done for us. 

Have a Blessed Easter xo

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